How It Works

Our 3 Step Process

Schedule An Appointment

After a time and date have been scheduled, one of our 2M Investment team members comes out to your home and meets with you. The property is examined over thoroughly and then we make you a cash offer right then and there.

Evaluate your Cash Offer

Next, you read and review your non-commitment cash offer and determine if it’s reasonable for you. With 2M Investments, there’s no fees, no banks, or repair needed!

Accept Offer & Get Paid

When you’ve determined the offer is fair and reasonable, we close the deal at your convenience at a local title company. After the close, 2M Investments gets you your cash! It’s really that simple!

Cash Payment

At 2M Investments, you’re paid in cash!

No Paperwork

We handle all the tedious paperwork for you!

No Fees or Commission

You read that correctly. At 2M Investments, there’s no hidden fees and we don’t take any commission!

Transparent Terms

Clear and simple terms. No needless, confusing jargon with us!

Sell “As-Is”

Absolutely No Renovation Needed!

Close in Days

With 2M Investments, we can close the deal in as little as 7 days!