About Us

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Fort Smith, Arkansas, 2M Investments is owned and operated by Matt Merrill when he decided to leave the banking industry in favor of starting his own real estate investment company. Having learned the ins and outs of real estate by managing his father’s company, Matt set out to build his dream. His first ventures into the field for himself was through flipping rental properties which provided the experience and funds needed to expand his dream to what it is today.

Teaming up with Danielle Pavlik who joined the team a year ago as the acquisitions manager, Matt Merrill and the rest of 2M Investments are motivated to expand the firm into new markets with multiple office locations serving the Arkansas River Valley and its surrounding communities. With 2M Investments, their clients receive personal, professional attention in a relaxed, laidback atmosphere. The 2M Investments team like to remain relatable with their clients during business dealings.

At 2M Investments, they help property buyers increase their personal investment portfolio by securing the properties under contract for lower than market value. Additionally, 2M Investments helps their clients by doing the difficult preparation work to ensure all the necessary information is gathered in a timely manner, such as cash flow, leases, and rental agreements.

If you’re looking to buy or sell and increase your investment portfolio, 2M Investments is the company for you. At 2M Investments, you are the most important investment.

Meet The Team

Matt Merrill

Danielle Pavlik

Charlee Toutchet